e² Young Engineers Skopje Macedonia is a franchise of the worldwide known franchisor company e² Young Engineers, that offers interdisciplinary approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education for children at an early age (6-15), using LEGO® bricks. At the same time it is developing 21st century skills, by successfully, quality, award-winning, statistically proven and exclusive enrichment programs that offer students an opportunity of a lifetime. Young Engineers are in the pursuit of making this kind of opportunity available to children in Macedonia for the reason to create the creators of the future.

The focus is on early intervention in order to create the passionate and highly skilled next generation of engineers and scientists. e² Young Engineers initiative is to establish an original and unmatched approach for engaging young people and getting them to enjoy learning and wanting to create.

Young Engineers Skopje Macedonia in collaboration with Robomac 2017, at Friday (13.10.2017) starting from 16.00 to 18.00 will be at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies together with the young scientist, engineers and innovators that are already part of the regular programs of Young Engineers Skopje Macedonia. The models within the laboratories at the Faculty will be introduced to them. They will build Humanoids with Lego, show the models and learning principles, and invite other kids to try, holding the vision to encourage the children thought, creativity and innovation. All this provide a tangible sense of success nurturing the student’s self-confidence, capacity, and inner focus of control, encourage kids to become curious and create a constant appetite for doing and exploring more, or as Young Engineers slogan says: they will build their and our tomorrow, today, because Young Engineers believe in the future of engineering, science and the way those fields will change the world for the better.