What is RoboMac and should I register?

RoboMac is an international competition for robotics and artificial intelligence held every year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Organized by the Ss. Cyril and the Methodius IEEE Student Branch, the tenth edition of this event will take place 09th–14th March 2020. The goal of this competition is to popularize robotics and artificial intelligence between students and the youth in the Republic of Macedonia and neighboring regions, while initializing and supporting the function of many other projects related to robotics. The event enables the competitors to become familiar with the advantages of robotics as a scientific discipline and its newest technological approaches. Through this competition, students are able to work in teams while gaining experience and knowledge and letting their creativity shine through.

The competition is structured with a mix of workshops and lectures. On the last day of the event, a final competition is organized in which each team competes in its respective category. The winners are awarded medals and certificates signed by the dean of the faculty and the chair of IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section as well as two educational credits. Participation in the event is free, and all costs for international students are covered (with the exception of travel) by the organizers. We also don’t forget to have some fun during the parties and social events that are part of our agenda.

We encourage all students and young people that are interested in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to apply for RoboMac 2020. If you want to change something in your registration form, just register again. The previous one will not be considered.  You will be informed by an email after the registration closes. Students from abroad will be informed earlier due to travel planning.